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2004 Action Plan

Table of Contents



2004 Membership Goals:                                                    Membership Committee


Goal:  To increase membership to 75 members by Dec 2004


1.      Membership Drive to recruit new members

a.       Develop new member packet that includes “token”, brochure, etc.

b.      Hold 4th of July “new member raffle” for members who sign up that day

c.       Use TCWA hand-outs and informational booths at 4th of July


2.      Create an educational display that includes display board, informational brochures, and   

      educational materials, to rotate from town halls to libraries and municipal buildings


3.      Offer “token” for membership renewal




Goal:  Regular (two-way) communication with members and the general public on

TCWA activities and issues in the watershed


1.      Maintain website

a.       Update monthly with minutes, agenda, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities

b.      Quarterly update of website content:  main articles, photos, etc

c.       Utilize and maintain member email list as means of communicating opportunities, events & concerns

d.      Provide regular restoration updates


2.      Release quarterly newsletter to members, local institutions and interested peoples (Not whole mailing list)

a.       Include restoration update

b.      Upcoming events

c.       Volunteer opportunities

d.      Wish list


3.      Develop citizen’s awareness of development issues in the watershed through the website and newsletter, encouraging everyone to report concerns and keep an eye on what is happening in the watershed.


4.      Release press submissions to local media per TCWA event


5.      Conduct member feedback survey in Fall, 2004  (Offer written feedback option for members who prefer an alternative to phone calls)


6.      Implement schedule for communication with members regarding dues renewal, Thank you cards, etc


7.      Register TCWA as charitable donation recipient at Pick-n-Save, Gander Mtn

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2004 Restoration Goals:                                                     Restoration Committee


 Goal:  Regular Representation in the Token Creek Restoration Project


1.      Maintain regular contact with and make recommendations to Ken Johnson, DNR.


2.      TCWA board member will attend Town of Windsor board meetings and TCC meetings that apply to the restoration project.




Goal:  To begin process of prairie planting at Culver Conservancy, a 4-year project that will promote

TCWA membership and public interest in the watershed.


1.      Identify partners in the project


2.      Consult with prairie “experts” for advice at all phases


3.      Create written plan for prairie, including a timeline


4.      Hold workdays for clearing invasive trees and brush that affect prairie area


5.      Coordinate seed collecting workdays for Fall, 2004




Goal:  To develop and improve trails at Culver Conservancy


1.      Set ground stakes and mailbox for self-guided trail fliers (In progress)


2.      Work with Town of Windsor and TCC on trail blueprint for area


2004 Development Pressure Goals:                                          Dev/Executive Committee


 Goal:  To monitor development in the Token Creek Watershed,

advocating on behalf of (the health of) Token Creek, encouraging effective stormwater management techniques and sustainable growth.


1.      Identify partners (DNR, Dane County Land Conservation, etc) and establish liaisons, who will maintain contact with partners and report at TCWA board meetings when appropriate


2.      Establish liaison with Windsor, Burke, SP and Bristol who will attend town board and planning commission meetings and report to TCWA board at monthly meetings with pertinent issues


3.      Determine what development is occurring in the watershed and establish partnerships with appropriate representatives, who will then report to TCWA board at monthly meetings with pertinent information


4.      Invite development representatives to TCWA board meetings to present.  Send written response/recommendation to towns, county and DNR


5.      Identify map(s) of sensitive or problem areas in the watershed that need advocacy or protection

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2004 Education Goals:                                                                 Education Committee


Goal:  To educate the general public on watershed issues and the importance of natural resources

within the watershed


1.      Utilize and maintain kiosks with educational materials-Update quarterly


2.      Develop citizen’s awareness of development issues in the watershed through the kiosks, encouraging everyone to report concerns and keep an eye on what is happening in the watershed.


3.      Lead guided hike and participate in Wednesday Evening Watershed Walks in Spring, 2004


4.      Lead one guided hike in Fall, 2004




Goal:  To increase TCWA involvement with local schools and school age children


1.      Establish liaison with Big hill Committee through TCC committee


2.      Post Big Hill work days, activities, etc on website and kiosk


3.      Establish personal connections with SP and DF science teachers, alt ed teachers, etc


4.      Host children’s library program in 2004 at DF and SP Public Libraries


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2004 Events Goals:                                                                              4th of July Committee


Goal:  To ensure a well planned, well attended 4th of July event that will raise money, educate the

public on watershed issues, increase awareness of TCWA, and increase membership.


1.      Establish a theme for the 4th of July


2.      Create, maintain and utilize a project book that encompasses a database of past donors/contact people, procedures, etc (This project is in process


3.      Work on prize donations should begin late winter, 2004


4.      Focus on past donors as well as new prize donors (coordinator will help with this)


5.      Increase donated foods, drinks, goods, etc


6.      Coordinate the bucket raffle


7.      Utilize 4th of July activities as a tool to increase membership:

a.       Coordinate “new member raffle” for people who sign on that day


8.      Utilize 4th of July activities as a tool for educating people on watershed issues

a.       Set-up educational display/tent away from raffle/food tent

b.      Hand out TCWA information (possibly with a map showing where springs are?)


9.  Advertise the event using posters and press releases.


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2004 Events Goals:                                 Spring Forum/Annual Meeting Committee


Goal: To ensure well attended, well planned TCWA events that educate the public, increase awareness of TCWA and increase membership



1.      Plan and coordinate Spring Forum/Annual Meeting

a.       Define purpose of meeting

b.      Select theme for event

c.       Seek community sponsor

d.      Coordinate time/place

e.       Coordinate educational speakers

f.        Coordinate educational display

g.       Coordinate advertisement

h.       Change date of meeting for 2005


2.      Establish point person to lead/organize Egre Rd. cleanup, held the 1st Saturday in May

a.       Locate sponsor for cleanup

b.      Coordinate time, advertisement, food and drink, garbage bags, safety vests from Town of Windsor

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2004 Board Goals:                                                                             Executive Committee


Goal:  To expand TCWA board to the full capacity of 14 board members and to clarify and

                        Implement board member duties and expectations


1.      Establish committees and set parameters for authority/responsibility

a.       Get Restoration, Education, Membership, Events and Exec committees up and running


2.      Update and implement board expectations:

a.       Review duties of Exec Committee:  Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary

b.      Review, revise and implement  past board “contracts”

c.       Board members must serve on a committee

d.      Set attendance expectations for board members


3.      Analyze board composition

a.       Identify stakeholders

b.      Identify board needs

                                                                           i.      Sun Prairie Representative

                                                                         ii.      Grant writing skills

                                                                        iii.      Education/Big Hill representative

                                                                       iv.      Knowledge of municipal ordinances affecting watershed

                                                                         v.      Additional stakeholders?


4.      Hold two dinner board meetings in 2004


 Goal:  To maintain and define coordinator position


1.      Pursue $15,000 grant funding for coordinator position in 2004

a.       Identify sources

b.      Write grants


2.      Define coordinator position (job description) and create coordinator work plan, including reporting requirements and flow chart


3.      Provide Annual Review for coordinator


Goal:  To raise funds for TCWA operations (Restoration and Coordinator pay)


1.      Develop a corporate sponsor plan in order to raise a total of $5000 to be received from one to five sponsors

a.       Incorporate sponsor name into our communications and events

b.  Maintain timely communication schedule with sponsors (Thanks, newsletter, etc)

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